Job opportunity: Educational Interpreter

My name is Kathy Rennhack.  I am the mother of a profoundly deaf soon to be 8-year-old in Coloma, MI who is in need of an educational interpreter for the 2013-2014 school year.  I am contacting every four-year college in the country who offers an undergraduate degree in educational interpretation/ASL to let upcoming graduates know about an amazing opportunity to work with my daughter.  Lisa was born profoundly deaf and received implants at 20 and 32 months of age at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.  Lisa was a hard to implant case as she was born without cochlear matter.  She has common cavity implants that have provided very minimal benefit (detection of sound presence but no ability to discriminate).  Lisa began her educational career in an auditory-verbal program in Knoxville, TN and then continued at a program in Berrien Springs, MI when we moved here 5 years ago.  After 18 months in the auditory-verbal program, it was determined that her needs would be better met at a program in Lawrence, MI that offered ASL and the services of a full-time interpreter.  Lisa attended the Lawrence program for 2 years and we were then informed that our home district would be picking up the ASL program for our county so Lisa was transferred there.  She has been fully mainstreamed for the past two years and we have been fortunate to have the services of an amazing interpreter.  Her interpreter is currently due to have a baby in August and has decided to stay home.  We are in need of an equally amazing replacement for next year and are mounting a full-scale campaign to secure the resources she deserves.
Lisa is very bright and does grade level work in all areas except spelling and reading.  We are working very hard on these subjects with her at home.  I am a former high school teacher myself and left a corporate management job to stay at home and oversee Lisa’s educational experience.  The interpreter and I have worked very closely to make assets that don’t exist for use by Lisa and her classmates.  Our community is very supportive of ASL and Lisa’s former Kindergarten teacher has even included it as a core subject in her curriculum, right alongside Spanish.  My husband and I are petitioning the school district to add ASL as a foreign language in the high school.  The person who accepts this job will have an opportunity to work with a great little girl, an awesome community and parents who would do anything to help their child succeed.
Below is a link to the application site for this position.  Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to direct any of your students to me if they have any questions.
Kathy Rennhack

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